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Getting married on Valentine’s Day: living your fairytale on the day of lovers

Wedding planning is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. A phase of sharing, ideas and creativity in which one has to make important decisions to best represent one’s experience and dreams. First and foremost, the choice of time and day.
So, if you have decided to crown your dream of love, you are a romantic couple, but you are still undecided on the date, fear not, we at Wedding in Valdichiana are here for you, and we will give you 4 good reasons why getting married on February 14th could be a really great idea!

Curious to know more? Read below!

1) ROMANTICISM: 14 February is a symbolic date because it is Saint Valentine’s Day, known as the patron saint of lovers, so it’s the day on which, more than any other, Love is celebrated. By marrying on this day, therefore, you would not only give greater significance to your union, but you would spend the most romantic day of the year, crowning your dream.

2) THEME: if you are a true romantic and love themed weddings, you can’t help but choose Valentine’s Day as the date for your wedding. You can adapt your menu with love-themed food and beverages, and the same goes for the tableau mariage, but without overdoing it. For example, you could use the color red, roses and hearts sparingly and with refinement, in the details of the set-up. It will be enough to limit these details to sugared almonds, invitations and balloons, for a romantic and non-trivial wedding reception.

3) DRESS CODE: if you dream of a different colour and an extravagant style for your wedding dress, what better “excuse” than getting married on Valentine’s Day to wear it? Women might opt for a super elegant red sheath dress, while men for a more eclectic and original outfit. The same goes for the guests, giving them carte blanche on the dress code for the big day!

4) EXPERIENCES: the trend for 2023 mainly concerns extended celebrations, i.e. the organization of long weekends or even weeks, in specific destinations… and Tuscany is in the top places in the ranking of favourite destinations! So, it goes without saying that a magical time to plan them, especially in this Region, is Februrary and the close to Valentine’s Day!

Have you already drawn a heart on the date “February 14 2023”?

If the answer is YES, you just have to take a look at our wedding packages: complete or partial proposals for organising a dream wedding in Tuscany.

Bridal trends 2023: the most beautiful wedding dresses to shine with elegance

The dress for the big day is the dream of many women and perhaps, with few exceptions, the most important dress. That’s why when the time comes to choose, it’s important to plan it in good time, face it with the utmost serenity, keep in mind a few “rules” of bon ton and gather as much information as possible on the fashion trends of the moment to adapt them to one’s own physique and taste, so you will look marvellous and impeccable!

According to etiquette, for example, one should not enter the church with bare shoulders and back. If the bride is fond of necklines, a shoulder cover or a fairly opaque veil can be considered. Following, however, the must-have trends for wedding dresses 2022, it emerges that:

1. The slightly daring above-the-knee short dress (finally) conquers the altars,surprising everyone;
2. The boho chic style is very much in vogue and makes the bride more casual, less constructed, without sacrificing sophistication;
3. Flowers are the undisputed stars of this season and decorate almost all the summer 2022 wedding dresses, especially in relief for a graceful and romantic effect. And it is immediately “Botticelli’s Spring”;
4. Pastel colours seem to be the most popular alternative for the less traditional bride who chooses a dress that is certainly original and delicate, but also a lot of fun!
5. The volumes become maxi, à la ‘Lady Diana’;
6. A retro taste pervades the catwalks, especially those of Chanel and Blumarine: flounces, puffed sleeves, fringes and little crowns in the hair immediately create a nostalgic effect and still captivate;
7. Tulle is by far the most widely used fabric and gives the dress breadth and dreaminess;
8. Maxi bows finish dresses and are artfully constructed, becoming the most important bridal details this season;
9. Lace never goes out of fashion and this year we have the proof: just think of Hailey Bibier’s mermaid gown by Off-White. Timeless;
10. Sustainability is the leitmotif of this year’s wedding and is reflected in the choice of ethical models made from recycled fabrics.

And you, have you already found your wedding dress or are you still looking for the perfect look to wear at the altar? Start shopping at least 5 months before your wedding with the experts at Wedding in Valdichiana! Just send an e-mail and you’re done: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com.

Wedding in Tuscany: how to best organize it?

A wedding is a unique and unforgettable moment that needs careful organization: we explain the differences between the all-inclusive and the personalized Wedding in Valdichiana!

As the philosopher Kierkegaard wrote: “Marriage is, and will always remain, the most important voyage of discovery that man can make” and marriage, just like a journey, needs to be planned down to the smallest detail. Do you agree?
It is essential to rely on someone who will support them in their choices and who will give professional help to the bride and groom to ensure that their day is just as they dreamed it would be.
Our tailor-made wedding packages are born from these needs: complete or partial proposals for the organisation of a dream wedding in Tuscany. Here we present the All Inclusive package, i.e. the complete organisation of your event, with attention to every detail for you and your guests, and the Personalised Service package.

Why choose the All inclusive package by Wedding in Valdichiana

With Wedding in Valdichiana’s All-inclusive package, we guarantee you our support in all the important aspects of the organisation of your special day in Valdichiana (Tuscany). You will be carefully supervised in the creation of your event, leaving nothing to chance, and we will be honoured to make your every wish come true.
This package includes the total organisation of your event:
-Budget management
-Choice of location
-Choice of suppliers
-Floral decorations
-Table and table setting
-Choice of menu
-Choice of clothes and accessories for the ceremony
-Music and entertainment
-Machine Vintage
-Photos & Video
-Organisation of accommodation for guests in dedicated facilities;
-Organisation of on-site stag/bachelorette party with guests;
-Welcome dinner/lunch for guests;
-Organisation of experiences and tours in Valdichiana for your guests-All-round management of the ceremony and celebrations

The All Inclusive Wedding in Valdichiana service and why choose it

Photo credits – Alice Bracciali Unique Events in Tuscany

For couples who have already started thinking about their wedding in Valdichiana and have already made some fundamental choices, such as the location or the catering, but need a professional figure who can carry out the event, the most suitable package is our Personalised Service.

Together with the Wedding in Valdichiana team, you will be able to complete the organisation of your special day and enjoy the journey towards a wonderful “Yes”, without this planning turning into a stressful moment! Especially when you are aiming to organise a personalised wedding, where nothing will be standard or obvious but everything will have to be tailor-made and have a wow effect, finding the right idea, suppliers and coordinating the whole thing can be complicated.

Relying on a professional figure, who not only understands your priorities but also makes them concrete, does not take an ounce of charm away from the pre-wedding phase, allows you to choose between one beauty or another as your only commitment and, above all, ensures that you arrive at the wedding date in total serenity.

How to book your wedding package

If you are a bride or groom-to-be and think that these services might be right for you, request an initial quote to establish your tailor-made package by sending an email to: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com.

We will be happy to be part of your wedding in Valdichiana!

We introduce you Wedding in Valdichiana Special Packages!

A special organisation for a special wedding! Here are the special Wedding In Valdichiana package

Getting married in Valdichiana means relying on those who really know the area. It means choosing between different offers and solutions to organise an unforgettable wedding in Tuscany.

Organising a wedding is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life; a phase of sharing ideas and creativity in which you find yourself having to make important decisions to best represent your experience and your dreams. Many do it independently by following every detail of the organisation of the event, while other couples rely on professionals capable of guiding them in aesthetic and logistical choices as close as possible to their spirit.

That’s why Wedding in Valdichiana offers various wedding packages, complete or partial proposals for organising a dream one in Tuscany. We take care of the complete organisation of your event, with attention to every detail for you
and your guests. Much more than an event, choosing the Wedding in Valdichiana special package means giving you and your loved ones a real celebratory journey, an indelible moment of life and of others. Let’s find out together!

Unforgettable days for you and your guests

The Wedding in Valdichiana special package is ideal for couples who wish to celebrate their love in the real Tuscany and experience the area with special experiences, to discover the wonderful Tuscan countryside together with friends and relatives.

Wedding in Valdichiana will put you in touch with the best local wedding planners who will guide you in choosing every detail of your special day. Together you will choose locations from a wide selection of suggestive places and settings, floral decorations, dresses, and receive the best suggestions for proposing a seasonal menu with typical local products.

There will also be suggestions on clothes, colors and jewels, and we’ll put you in contact with the artisans who still today make unique handmade pieces in the shops of the villages today.

Wedding in Valdichiana’s twenty years of experience in hospitality and tourism sector will also be a warranty for your guests. We will find the ideal accommodation for your loved ones and organise the best experiences to introduce them to this wonderful slice of Tuscany.

What do you think of a toast in a design cellar among the rolling hills of Montepulciano while waiting for the big day? Or a Tuscan cooking class to learn the best local recipes with a dinner all together? Or what about a bike tour between Valdichiana Senese and Val d’Orcia with friends, to release the adrenaline before the wedding, or a private yoga lesson on the shores of Lake Chiusi to relax before the event? And these are just a few ideas!

Let’s have a look at the services included in this special package:

  • Personal wedding planner who will accompany you in everything related to the event;
  • Complete organisation of the wedding: choice of the most suitable location (you can take a look here!), floral decorations, table and set-up, menus, settings, dresses, jewelry, accessories for the ceremony;
  • Organisation for guests stay in dedicated facilities;
  • On-site organisation of the bachelor/bachelorette party with guests;
  • Welcome dinner/lunch for guests;
  • Organisation of experiences for your guests: Vespa tours, trekking among the most beautiful paths in Tuscany, padel match, horseback riding among Tuscan hills, yoga in suggestive locations, pampering at the spa and, of course, gourmet tastings. Discover them all here!

What are you waiting for? Request a first quote for your Special Package by sending an email to: hello@weddingvaldichiana.com.

We can’t wait to organise your dream wedding!

Getting married in a Tuscan hamlet in Valdichiana: the event that excites a community

In recent years, more and more couples have expressed the desire to get married in intimate and exclusive places. The medieval villages are among the most coveted to frame the celebration of one’s wedding.

In Valdichiana we have eight of the most beautiful hamlets in Tuscany, whether Torrita di Siena, Montepulciano, Sarteano or Chiusi, we will help you organize the wedding of your dreams in the streets of these perched villages.

Here are our good reasons to get married in a hamlet in Valdichiana:

1. Incredible scenery and traditions in a Tuscan village in Valdichiana

Getting married in a Tuscan village in the Valdichiana you will savor the authentic atmosphere of these places where time seems to have stopped. For one day you will be an integral part of the community, meeting the eyes of those who live and feed the village every single day.

The historical and cultural heritage, combined with the numerous traditions preserved and maintained over time, are part of that setting that gives an even more romantic atmosphere to the suggestive locations, which we find in the numerous medieval hamlets of the Tuscan countryside.

It is easy to come across ancient churches or palaces, which preserve works by more or less well-known authors. You can find history in the most unthinkable places like for instance in Cetona, in Chianciano Terme, in Sinalunga, in San Casciano dei Bagni or in Trequanda. Each brick has something to tell. Each of them, in fact, was in its own way the protagonist of an event, even a simple one, but the bearer of a tradition. An example of this is an ancient oven or the loom of a historic tailor’s shop, which has arrived until today because it has been handed down from generation to generation.

Also, how can we not mention the amazing scenarios that you can admire from the highest part of the hamlet? Sinuous hills and boundless countryside that will be the backdrop to your love story as it has been for countless novels and movies.

2. Intimacy and romanticism of a Tuscan village in Valdichiana

If you love Tuscan villages, you cannot fail to be involved in the feeling of intimacy and romance that our hamlets emanate from every corner. What is usually striking is the feeling of being in an almost surreal place, as if it didn’t really exist in reality.

The typical streets, which at every turn offer suggestive discoveries: a small but colorful flowered balcony, small windows with hand-made curtains, ups and downs of ladders that leave you embarrassed in choosing the direction to take. And then small selected shops that attract, even first for what they sell, for the story they tell just by sight.

3. Culinary and wine excellence in the Tuscan villages in Valdichiana

Italy is known to be the country of delicious food and excellent wine. Imagine characterizing one of the most romantic and festive dinners, with culinary delicacies accompanied by a good glass of wine. One of the many that the lands of our regions have to offer. But of course our favorite is the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano!

4. Every season is good to get married in a Tuscan village in Valdichiana

Another advantage of wanting to get married in a Tuscan village in Valdichiana is that you can easily choose to do it both in summer and in winter. However, you will have the certainty of experiencing the magic and suggestion of a special day. Summer will offer long tables under a starry sky, but winter, in the same way, will be able to welcome your guests in the warmth of characteristic and exclusive places.

Believe us, you will be spoiled for choice!

5. Getting married in a medieval village in Valdichiana is an emotional experience

Getting married in a more intimate and welcoming Tuscan village in Valdichiana rather than in a more exclusive and luxurious one will always be a choice that can give you a unique experience, both from a sensory and emotional point of view. In fact, it will be possible to feel an integral part of a village, thanks to the widespread diffusion of the various areas organized within the host village.

Furthermore, there are many activities in which to be involved. Participate, for example, in the bread-making process, cooking classes, the creation of small artifacts or excursions to the most characteristic places of the chosen location.

We are sure that these reasons are a very small part of the wealth of experiences and intense emotions that you and your guests will experience when getting married in a Tuscan village in Valdichiana.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info, we are ready to plan your wedding in Tuscany!

Valdichiana Senese, the wedding destination in Tuscany you are looking for

o you want to give a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to your wedding? Come and discover Valdichiana Senese.

Known for its typical products such as Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, pecorino cheese, aglione and much more, Valdichiana Senese has a lot to offer its guests. We will not dwell on the beauty of this land, the breathtaking views, the mild climate and the surprising colors in every season: we let you imagine them.
We want to give you 5 practical reasons why Valdichiana Senese is the wedding destination in Tuscany you are looking for.

We are all experiencing a period of great uncertainty. The Covid-19 emergency has taken away most of our security, especially in terms of travel and weddings.
Planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic is daring, we know, but choosing the right staff makes everything much easier and less insane than it seems.
In Valdichiana we juggle well with cooking and art but what makes everything special is the love for hospitality that unites every single operator in tourism.
Everyone armed themselves with good will to redesign itineraries and programs to offer couples an equally exciting and authentic wedding, as well as in complete safety according to the regulations of the period.
The fact that it is a niche destination and the low population density have certainly made success easier; in fact, in summer 2020 several weddings have been celebrated despite the challenges that Italy was facing.
Therefore, by choosing the Valdichiana Senese, you will find full authenticity and extra flexibility.


In Valdichiana Senese we are spoiled for choice: Tuscan villas, farmhouses, historic buildings, castles, and much more.
The territory lends itself to the most disparate styles: do you have a very formal and elegant reception in mind? Well, you can choose between villas with unique gardens and historic buildings where you can breathe history and art.
Do you prefer something more country? There are farmhouses with breathtaking views and the atmosphere of an authentic Tuscany ready to be savored.
This versatility is also present in the suppliers of the area, each operator in the wedding industry has its own uniqueness that goes well with one of the many faces of Valdichiana Senese.


Valdichiana Senese offers entertainment 365 days a year. Each town has its own folkloristic manifestations spread throughout the 12 months. In addition, each season brings with it typical traditional products that are celebrated in the festivals organized precisely to let you taste the harvest or the production of that particular product.
From truffles in November, to new oil in October, the harvest, mushrooms, the Bravio delle Botti in Montepulciano in August, the Palio dei Somari in Torrita di Siena in March.
Every month in Valdichiana the villages are colored with flags, the drums resound and the alleys smell of delicious traditional recipes.
Getting married here means giving you and your guests a 360 ° experience of what Tuscany is all about.

The position of Valdichiana Senese is very strategic. It is an area in the open countryside yet not far from the cities of Siena, Arezzo, Florence, Perugia and Rome. The geographical position of Valdichiana, located right in the center of Italy, allows anyone to be able to reach it without too much effort. It is also well connected with Umbria and the Grosseto area.
It is very easy to reach it from the Milan, Rome, Pisa and Florence airports by car and along the A1 motorway or by train, since the Trenitalia Freccia Rossa high-speed train passes in the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme station.
When it comes to planning, we must also evaluate the logistics, and the Valdichiana Senese is just the destination you are looking for!

10 cose da fare proposta 2

10 things to do after receiving the marriage proposal

From taking a selfie to the ring to drawing up an initial guest list, here are 10 things to do after receiving the big question.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Wow, you have an engagement ring and you’re getting married. It’s all true even if it seems so surreal, and whether you like it or not, the hours, days and weeks that follow the proposal are a whirlwind of emotions.

There are so many things to think about, so many people to contact and so much to do. But don’t feel overwhelmed.

Pinterest boards, magazines, blogs, shopping for clothes, hunting for the perfect location … the list goes on and on.

So where do we start? There is no precise order to follow as long as you address the urgent and most immediate things. Engaging in the love of a lifetime is scary and surprising at the same time, but planning a wedding together will also be a lot of fun, I promise.

1. Call your parents

And your siblings and best friends too (unless you hide your engagement for a while). The last place they should hear about the proposal is on social media, so call them personally and give them the good news. Chances are that mom and dad already know what’s going on and are patiently waiting for your call on the phone.

2. Post a photo with the ring on social media

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? If you are ready to share with the world that you are officially engaged, open Instagram! Take a selfie with the ring in plain sight or share a photo of yourself and your boyfriend to tell about your love. Even better: if the proposal was captured with a video it will be even better to share that surprised look of yours.

3. Take a moment

Don’t immerse yourself in planning the wedding right away. Take a week or two to savor the moment. Trust us, in the next twelve (or so) months you will have enough adrenaline and things to do that it will be difficult to take a break from planning.

4. Think about a potential date

The most attractive dates and locations are booked well in advance. So if you’re planning on getting married in the next year or two, it’s a good idea to start thinking about a date right now.
Talk to both families and find out which times are best for everyone.

5. Search for a location in Valdichiana

Remember: you can’t book a date until you have a list of potential locations you love. Do some research online and ask for more information on availability and pricing. We can help you! Contact us at: email.

6. Make a first guest list

Whether you’re going big or small, being on the same page is very important. Once you’ve agreed on an approximate guest count and budget (we’ll get to that later), you can commit to a venue.

7. Discuss the budget to invest

Anyone never likes talking about money but it is very important to talk about money before starting with the planning. Talk to your fiancé and, if necessary, your respective families as well.

8. Collect inspiration

Create a Pinterest board, Google Doc, save photos on Instagram or create a folder on your computer to organize your favorite images you find online. Keep it to yourself for organizational purposes only or share with your wedding planner, mom, friends, boyfriend and anyone else to view and contribute.

9. Hire a wedding planner

If you are considering hiring a wedding planner to help you with logistics and design, start your online search. Schedule some phone calls so you can also evaluate empathy in addition to the proposals. We will be happy to be part of your wedding in Valdichiana, write to us to book an appointment by phone or in person:

10. Relax

Planning your wedding can be insanely stressful right from the start, so try to have fun and take some time to laugh and reconnect.

Remember: you are getting married !!!

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