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4 unique locations for a spring wedding in Valdichiana Senese (Tuscany)

Spring is not only the season of blossoming flowers, but also of magnificent outdoor ceremonies, made special by nature in bloom. In Valdichiana Senese, there are so many wedding locations that take on a characteristic beauty at this time of year.
Villages and farmhouses are real musts for couples who decide to get married in Tuscany during the summer, but Valdichiana Senese, in the Sienese territory, offers some truly unique settings. Here are some tips for your spring wedding in this wedding destination in Southern Tuscany.

  1. Il Tondo Park in Montefollonico (Torrita di Siena)
    This park, built in the 19th century, offers a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for an outdoor ceremonies. The sun’s rays that delicately filter through the holm oaks and cypresses, arranged in this circular grove, create plays of light that will give distinctiveness to your ceremony.
    On beautiful spring days, from the hill on which the park is located, it is possible to enjoy an incredible panorama: from Lake Trasimeno to the Val d’Orcia.
  1. Etruscan Lake in Chiusi
    Imagine exchanging your wedding vows on the banks of a quiet lake, surrounded by the serenity of nature. Lake Chiusi, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, offers a particularly evocative setting, especially at sunset , with the sun reflecting on the lake waters.
  1. Municipal Terrace of San Casciano dei Bagni
    The municipal terrace of San Casciano dei Bagni offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, where Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia merge, which in this season is made up of incredibly green hills. This picturesque terrace is located at the top of the Town Hall, a building with an almost fairy-tale feel, surmounted as it is by an imposing tower.
  1. Castle in Sarteano
    A fifteenth-century castle is always a striking choice, but getting married here during springtime becomes even more exclusive. If the weather is nice, it is possible to hold the ceremony in the outdoor courtyard: an intimate place, sheltered from external gazes, and particularly scenic, surrounded by the greenery of the protective surrounding vegetation.

This is why Valdichiana Senese (Tuscany) is the ideal destination for Valentine’s Day

A few simple characteristics that make Valdichiana Senese, in Tuscany, the place to visit this Valentine’s Day and during the rest of the year

Valentine’s day is always a good reason to set out to discover new places and explore in the company of the person with whom we prefer to spend our time. If large cities like Venice or Paris are the first places you think of for a couple’s getaway, hamlets also have their qualities. Indeed, visiting less crowded places allows you to create an atmosphere of authentic intimacy, which is not easy to find in a large urban centre.

Let’s find out why the Valdichiana Senese area, in Southern Tuscany, has all it takes to be included among the most romantic destinations, to absolutely visit together with your partner:

Walks to discover the local hamlets, where you’ll enjoy landscapes of singular beauty

The nine hamlets of Valdichiana Senese are treasure chests of pure beauty, which preserve true artistic and architectural gems. Without a doubt, however, the most romantic places hidden in the hamlets of this area are the panoramic terraces, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. In the month of February, at sunset, the skies are tinged with shades of pink that promise spring: a sight that, who knows, could even inspire a marriage proposal!

The warm embrace of the thermal waters

One of the main characteristics of this corner of Tuscany is the presence of numerous thermal springs. In San Casciano dei Bagni, the Infinity pools of the exclusive Fonteverde SPA offer a privileged view of the surrounding hilly landscape, a perfect combination of the beauty of the Valdichiana Senese and Valdorcia. In Chianciano Terme, the spa activities to do as a couple are divided between the emotional itineraries offered by the Sensory Spa and the regenerating baths at the Theia pools. At the Terme di Montepulciano, relaxation involves treatments dedicated to body care, health and beauty, which provide precious moments of intimacy.

Looking for dreamlike wedding locations?

February and winter are the perfect season for aspiring newlyweds who are looking for the perfect setting for their special day. In these months it is possible to visit the Valdichiana Senese area in total tranquility; thanks to the decrease in presences in the area, the treasure hunt for your wedding location will be much easier. Monumental cellars, historic buildings, castles, in addition to the timeless farmhouses in the Tuscan countryside, will open their doors for your on-site inspections.

We’re waiting for you in Valdichiana Senese, let’s start planning together your dream wedding! Write us: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

A year of weddings in Tuscany: all the trends for 2024

According to bridal experts, even in 2024 destination weddings will continue to be highly sought after. This is great news for Tuscany, which will host the special day of many traveling couples.

But while the charm of Tuscan locations never goes out of style, the same cannot be said for many other aspects of the wedding. Over the course of the year, several new trends will emerge, making the 2024 wedding season unmistakable.

Here, then, are some suggestions to ensure that your wedding in the Valdichiana Senese area, in the south of Tuscany, is absolutely up to date.

  1. Extravagant locations
    The mood of weddings in 2024 will be totally nonconformist. Brides and grooms will say goodbye to established traditions to add a personal touch to the celebration of their union. In Valdichiana Senese, this will be the opportunity to discover original locations, away from the usual Tuscan farmhouses: you can say “yes” immersed in nature, inside evocative museum spaces or theaters. The unique location that you can find only here? The “La Città Sotterranea” Civic Museum in Chiusi: the Etruscan-origin tunnels that develop under the historic center, populated by precious inscriptions, will make the ceremony mystical and timeless.
  2. Long weddings
    Increasingly, the wedding affair will not be confined to just one day. In 2024, a series of side events will be added to the actual ceremony, designed to share more time with family and friends. Valdichiana Senese, with its many faces, becomes the ideal destination to engage guests in many fun and rejuvenating experiences. Dinners in the vineyard, bike rides, and thermal baths are just some of the activities that the territory offers; without a doubt, you will be able to find the right proposal for every guest.
  3. Garden-style decorations
    Flowers and plants will not only compose the bride’s bouquet but will be at the center of the entire event, from invitations to banquet decorations. It will be the garden style that dominates, that is, the flower design trend that wants to reproduce disorganized nature. Valdichiana Senese, with its lush nature, provides endless inspirations for creating a green-spirit wedding. Depending on whether you prefer warm or cool tones, autumn, spring, and summer are poised to become the perfect seasons for your wedding in Valdichiana Senese.
  4. Personalized gifts for guests
    Weddings are evolving to become unique and unforgettable experiences, as much for the spouses as for their guests. And what better way to remind all attendees of the occasion than to give an exclusive memento of your wedding? A bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano accompanied by a personalized label, or a handmade item from a local artisan workshop are two zero-kilometer ideas to immortalize your Tuscan “yes” in the memory of relatives and friends.

Are you planning to get married in Tuscany in 2024? Let’s organize your trendy wedding in Valdichiana Senese together! Just write to us: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com.

A stage for two: why get married in a theater in Tuscany

The unexpected idea for your special day

In the heart of Italy, Tuscany offers a range of historical theaters that can turn your wedding day into an unforgettable show. Here’s why a theater in Tuscany can be the ideal backdrop for your wedding.

The theaters of Valdichiana Senese: which host wedding locations?

In Valdichiana Senese, there are four theaters to choose from:

  • Teatro Poliziano, Montepulciano: a rather large theater, suitable for weddings with many guests (the stalls and boxes offer about 400 seats). It has maintained the same appearance since its construction in the early nineteenth century.
  • Teatro degli Arrischianti, Sarteano: linked to the eponymous academy, which still keeps the theater program alive and vibrant with numerous shows.
  • Teatro Ciro Pinsuti, Sinalunga: an intimate and cozy theater, named after one of the most illustrious citizens of Sinalunga, the composer Ciro Pinsuti.
  • Teatro degli Oscuri, Torrita di Siena: overlooking the main square of the historic center of Torrita, it physically places itself at the center of the local community’s life. Every year, it hosts the prestigious Giulio Neri Opera Singing Competition.

Picturesque and romantic atmosphere

The theaters of Valdichiana Senese are not just places; they are historical monuments. In their luxurious interiors, they bear the marks of time and of the many stories told. But the wonder begins even before stepping over the threshold: the theaters in the area are perfectly nestled within medieval villages, presenting themselves in an utterly authentic way, blending with other architectures of the historical center. The whole context in which these buildings arise contributes to creating a unique atmosphere that will make your wedding unique.

Many thematic possibilities

A wedding in a theater lends itself to a variety of themes. You can opt for a classic and vintage look, reminiscent of the elegance of old-time Italy. Or, choose a more dramatic and theatrical theme, complete with red curtains and stage lighting. The stage is your canvas, and you can set it up as you wish.

Logistics and planning

Planning a wedding in a Tuscan theater requires attention to detail. You will need to consider technical aspects, such as lighting and sound. Relying on someone who knows the chosen theater well will be crucial to achieve a satisfactory result, allowing you to make the most of all the potential of such an original location.

If we have piqued your interest, contact us to organize your Tuscan wedding in a theater: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

Winter wedding: a timeless enchantment in Tuscany

Five reasons to say ‘I do’ during winter in Valdichiana Senese, in Southern Tuscany

When one thinks of a wedding, often a bright summer day comes to mind, but more and more couples are discovering the unique charm of a winter wedding. Tuscany, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural history, transforms into a dreamy place for an absolutely original wedding in winter.

Here are five good reasons to choose this Italian region as a backdrop for a winter wedding:

1. Enchanting and romantic scenery: Tuscany is famous for its gently rolling hills, its medieval villages, and its cities of art. In winter, these sceneries don a particular charm. Imagine your wedding photos with the background of a snow-covered historic center or an olive grove wrapped in morning frost.

2. Fairytale locations: medieval architecture, historic farms, theatres, and ancient villages, Valdichiana Senese offers a variety of suggestive locations perfect for a winter wedding. In this season, it is also easier to find availability and perhaps access more advantageous rates.

3. Intimate and welcoming atmosphere: the Tuscan dwellings, with their elegant interiors and halls adorned with fireplaces, offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for an intimate and refined wedding reception. The combination of history, art, and nature creates a unique environment, rich in romance.

4. Exquisite cuisine and wines: a winter wedding in Tuscany is also an opportunity to delight your guests with the robust and genuine flavors of the local cuisine. From ribollita to legume soups, the typical local dishes will warm the atmosphere and delight the palate. At the end of the meal, a toast with Vin Santo, the local sweet wine, is a must.

5. Unique photographs: the winter light in Tuscany is perfect for photography. The soft colors and long shadows of the Tuscan winter landscape create an ethereal and romantic atmosphere, ensuring unique and suggestive wedding photos.

In short, a winter wedding in Tuscany is not just a style choice, but a complete experience that involves all the senses. Between enchanted landscapes, authentic flavors, and unparalleled cultural richness, saying ‘I do’ in this region during winter means giving yourself an unforgettable memory, immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Contact us and let’s make your Tuscan wedding in winter come true, together: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

Vineyard wedding: 5 reasons to make this choice

For a destination wedding in Tuscany, the vineyard is the location of excellence.

Wine is certainly one of the treasures that makes Tuscany famous throughout the world. And there are so many suggestions that this excellent product comes with: there are those who travel to Tuscany to admire the rows of vines, which create unique landscapes, there are those who, as true connoisseurs, can’t wait to dive head first in unique tasting experiences. But there are also those who come to the vineyards of Tuscany to celebrate their special day. Why make this choice for your wedding? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. A super original venue
    If you love to surprise, an essential element of your wedding must be the location, unconventional and impressive. Well, the vineyards of Tuscany certainly respond to these characteristics! The rows of vines are the ideal setting for the actual wedding ceremony, helping to create a collected and intimate moment under the “protection” of the plants surrounding the bride and groom. And for the reception, there is space for a very long table that can welcome and keep friends and relatives together.
  2. Cozy and casual atmosphere
    A vineyard wedding, with the correct set-up, can become chic and elegant. But the atmosphere is absolutely cozy and casual. Being in close contact with nature helps make the big day authentic and relaxed. In short, the vineyard is the right location if what you imagine when thinking about the celebration of your union is a real party.
  3. The ideal setting from spring fo fall
    Are you still undecided about the wedding date? In the meantime, you can start selecting the location! From April to late September, the vineyards are ready to welcome newlyweds and guests. Of course, depending on the time of year, it will be necessary to adjust the start time of the event. While in the height of summer a wedding at sunset will be preferable, in spring and fall the party can last throughout the day… But pay attention to the harvest season! In September, the opinion of the winemakers will be decisive in establishing the day and time of the wedding.
  4. Chic and unconventional set-ups
    A vineyard wedding allows you to fully show off your creativity. There are only a few “rules” to respect and there are many ways to have fun! As for colours, it’s usually best to stick to nuances that recall nature, from green, to brown, to burgundy, without forgetting all the shades of white. As for the rest of the set-ups, the only limit is your imagination. You can use recycled objects and materials, take inspiration from country chic or boho, or opt for a more shabby look: what is important is that the result fully represents you.
  5. Quality wines
    Food plays its part, but if you get married in a vineyard in Tuscany, wine will undoubtedly take center stage. And you certainly won’t be disappointed: the many wine regions in this corner of Italy produce some of the most popular labels in the world. In Valdichiana Senese, a wedding in the vineyard means Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Trust the wineries who will be able to recommend the best combinations with typical local products and let yourself be won over by what will be an unprecedented food and wine experience.

Are you starting to plan your vineyard wedding in Tuscany ? Write us at: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

Getting married in the summer in the most beautiful Tuscany, in Valdichiana Senese

The perfect combination for a dream destination wedding

Tuscany, with its rustic and timeless beauty, has always been a dream destination for couples looking for an unforgettable wedding location. Immersed in Tuscany is the splendid region of Valdichiana Senese, a hidden gem made up of enchanting villages, lush vineyards and intense flavours. A place to be admired in its most lively and evocative season: summer.

The season in which nature becomes arid (and beautiful)

The Valdichiana Senese can boast a truly astonishing naturalistic richness. Within a few tens of kilometres, there are three spa towns (Chianciano Terme, Montepulciano and San Casciano dei Bagni), each of which stands out for its singular beneficial properties. This area is also home to two lakes, in Chiusi and Montepulciano, regenerating places, characterized by an atmosphere of absolute tranquility.

But nature here is also and above all landscape: imagine exchanging wedding vows among vineyards, olive groves and avenues lined with cypresses, with the gentle Tuscan sun casting a golden glow on the countryside. Whether it is an intimate meeting or a large event, the hills of Valdichiana Senese are the perfect backdrop for creating memories of a special day.

Crowded and lively hamlets

If the historic centers are particularly romantic in the autumn and winter months, creating the perfect setting for a romantic escape in complete intimacy, it is in the summer that the hamlets become the ideal location for a celebration. Getting married in the historic center will allow you to come into contact with the local communities, who will welcome you among them and wish you well for your wedding. Furthermore, summer in Valdichiana Senese is the season of events: cultural events, historical re-enactments and concerts take place in the most beautiful squares of the area. They will be unmissable opportunities to explore this corner of Tuscany in a different way, for you and your guests.

Summer and local flavours

In the summer months, local flavors become more intense and forgotten recepis are rediscovered. The popular festivals propose ancient dishes, which taste of conviviality and authenticity. In the countryside, the wineries become crowded, with winemakers and travellers, the former ready to communicate the secrets of the trade, the latter curious to taste the local wines. What is certain is that you will find plenty of suggestions for an absolutely original wedding menu.

Are you starting to prepare for your destination wedding in Tuscany in summer 2024? Contact us and we will be happy to host you in Valdichiana Senese!

Five wedding decorations styles: which style are you?

Planning and organising in every detail the most important event of your life as a couple will certainly be one of the most exciting moments ever, but it could also be a source of stress. To truly enjoy your special day, rely on the experts at Wedding in Valdichiana who will follow you step by step in every stylistic choice, such as the wedding decorations. Colours, flowers, decorations, mise en place, wedding stationery… That’s right, every element of the wedding must follow a precise style!

Today, let’s take a look at 5 timeless styles for decorations on the big day:

    If you are a lover of timeless elegance, the kind that never goes out of fashion, or rather remains eternal thanks to its classic appeal, we at Wedding in Valdichiana recommend you opt for decorations in sober colours (white, beige, dove grey, powder pink) and clean lines, such as high candelabras, jewel lamps, silver cutlery, crystal glasses, organza or chiffon bows on chairs and napkins and finally white roses, both in the church and on the table.
    If we say the word ‘vintage’, we immediately imagine retro-style decorations, plucked from the cupboards of grandmothers and aunts. And indeed, in order to breathe the atmosphere of times gone by, we suggest opting for wax, china, antique suitcases, analogue cameras, books and silverware in sepia, antique pink and forest green.
    “Less is more’, especially for such an important and memorable event. If you also love simple and elegant things, you cannot help but opt for the minimal style. Yes to pastel colours, glass, linen and cotton, and arrangements that are not too large but extremely well cared for. Almost always, simplicity proves to be the best option!
    The country or rustic style is one of the most popular with bridal couples, because it is both chic and casual, and allows you to mix common objects such as wooden chairs, natural fabrics and straw baskets, with imperial tables, decorated glasses, fresh and colourful flowers, and sophisticated decorations.
    For an elegant and opulent wedding in the Baroque mood, red, purple, burgundy and violet, combined with gold, are a must. In addition, to make the reception refined and at the same time whimsical, we suggest mixing decorations with simple and modern lines, with small rich and over-decorated details (lace, inlaid objects, pearly or translucent elements), to find the right balance and avoid exaggerating.

Which of the 5 styles above would you choose? Email us now to let us know and let’s start planning the decorations for your big day together: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

Wedding Trends 2023: here’s all the news

The New Year has started, and if you’re planning to marry your better half in 2023, you can’t miss the new wedding trends! From gowns to décor, from catering to entertainment, in this article you will
find all the latest trends you need to know about and plenty of tips to make sure you don’t go wrong…

  1. SUSTAINABLE FREEDOM: in 2023 people will get married in intimate cerimonies, thus favouring few guests and the freedom to choose only what really makes the bride and groom happy, with regard to all the elements of the big day: dresses, flowers, decorations, invitations, locations… and so on!
  2. COLOURS & HAPPINESS: this year’s weddings will have one main protagonist: colour! In fact, one of the main trends for 2023 concerns hypercoloured floral arrangements both for the ceremony and for the reception. The most popular colours will be neutral and warm, minimalist and bold, extravagant and intense: from earthy colours, to pink, to aqua.
  3. CREATIVE MINIMALISM: whether we’re talking bridal bouquets or floral arrangements, 2023 will be the year of essential, small and refined compositions, favouring dried flowers and a green and bon ton style. Wedding stationery and tableau mariage will also be characterized by simple, yet romantic and creative, handcrafted elements, for both invitations and menus. Essentiality will also characterize place cards, tables’ numbers and names.
  4. VINTAGE STYLE: this year’s weddings will focus on retro elegance, as it pertains to both arrangements’ materials (glass, rattan and metal) and main colours featured in the wedding (beige, brown, cream). The other styles featured in this 2023 range from boho to shabby chic, favouring natural elements.
  5. SOPHISTICATED LOOKS: traditional total white gives way to sophisticated harmonies of contrasts, achieved with pastel floral motifs and three-dimensional decorations. As far as materials are concerned, the focus will be on refined and precious ones: organza, lurex, crushed silk.

If you want to find out more, contact the experts at Wedding in Valdichiana! We’ll be waiting for your emails at the following address: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com.

Getting married on Valentine’s Day: living your fairytale on the day of lovers

Wedding planning is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. A phase of sharing, ideas and creativity in which one has to make important decisions to best represent one’s experience and dreams. First and foremost, the choice of time and day.
So, if you have decided to crown your dream of love, you are a romantic couple, but you are still undecided on the date, fear not, we at Wedding in Valdichiana are here for you, and we will give you 4 good reasons why getting married on February 14th could be a really great idea!

Curious to know more? Read below!

1) ROMANTICISM: 14 February is a symbolic date because it is Saint Valentine’s Day, known as the patron saint of lovers, so it’s the day on which, more than any other, Love is celebrated. By marrying on this day, therefore, you would not only give greater significance to your union, but you would spend the most romantic day of the year, crowning your dream.

2) THEME: if you are a true romantic and love themed weddings, you can’t help but choose Valentine’s Day as the date for your wedding. You can adapt your menu with love-themed food and beverages, and the same goes for the tableau mariage, but without overdoing it. For example, you could use the color red, roses and hearts sparingly and with refinement, in the details of the set-up. It will be enough to limit these details to sugared almonds, invitations and balloons, for a romantic and non-trivial wedding reception.

3) DRESS CODE: if you dream of a different colour and an extravagant style for your wedding dress, what better “excuse” than getting married on Valentine’s Day to wear it? Women might opt for a super elegant red sheath dress, while men for a more eclectic and original outfit. The same goes for the guests, giving them carte blanche on the dress code for the big day!

4) EXPERIENCES: the trend for 2023 mainly concerns extended celebrations, i.e. the organization of long weekends or even weeks, in specific destinations… and Tuscany is in the top places in the ranking of favourite destinations! So, it goes without saying that a magical time to plan them, especially in this Region, is Februrary and the close to Valentine’s Day!

Have you already drawn a heart on the date “February 14 2023”?

If the answer is YES, you just have to take a look at our wedding packages: complete or partial proposals for organising a dream wedding in Tuscany.

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