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Vineyard wedding: 5 reasons to make this choice

For a destination wedding in Tuscany, the vineyard is the location of excellence.

Wine is certainly one of the treasures that makes Tuscany famous throughout the world. And there are so many suggestions that this excellent product comes with: there are those who travel to Tuscany to admire the rows of vines, which create unique landscapes, there are those who, as true connoisseurs, can’t wait to dive head first in unique tasting experiences. But there are also those who come to the vineyards of Tuscany to celebrate their special day. Why make this choice for your wedding? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. A super original venue
    If you love to surprise, an essential element of your wedding must be the location, unconventional and impressive. Well, the vineyards of Tuscany certainly respond to these characteristics! The rows of vines are the ideal setting for the actual wedding ceremony, helping to create a collected and intimate moment under the “protection” of the plants surrounding the bride and groom. And for the reception, there is space for a very long table that can welcome and keep friends and relatives together.
  2. Cozy and casual atmosphere
    A vineyard wedding, with the correct set-up, can become chic and elegant. But the atmosphere is absolutely cozy and casual. Being in close contact with nature helps make the big day authentic and relaxed. In short, the vineyard is the right location if what you imagine when thinking about the celebration of your union is a real party.
  3. The ideal setting from spring fo fall
    Are you still undecided about the wedding date? In the meantime, you can start selecting the location! From April to late September, the vineyards are ready to welcome newlyweds and guests. Of course, depending on the time of year, it will be necessary to adjust the start time of the event. While in the height of summer a wedding at sunset will be preferable, in spring and fall the party can last throughout the day… But pay attention to the harvest season! In September, the opinion of the winemakers will be decisive in establishing the day and time of the wedding.
  4. Chic and unconventional set-ups
    A vineyard wedding allows you to fully show off your creativity. There are only a few “rules” to respect and there are many ways to have fun! As for colours, it’s usually best to stick to nuances that recall nature, from green, to brown, to burgundy, without forgetting all the shades of white. As for the rest of the set-ups, the only limit is your imagination. You can use recycled objects and materials, take inspiration from country chic or boho, or opt for a more shabby look: what is important is that the result fully represents you.
  5. Quality wines
    Food plays its part, but if you get married in a vineyard in Tuscany, wine will undoubtedly take center stage. And you certainly won’t be disappointed: the many wine regions in this corner of Italy produce some of the most popular labels in the world. In Valdichiana Senese, a wedding in the vineyard means Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Trust the wineries who will be able to recommend the best combinations with typical local products and let yourself be won over by what will be an unprecedented food and wine experience.

Are you starting to plan your vineyard wedding in Tuscany ? Write us at: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

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