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Getting married on Valentine’s Day: living your fairytale on the day of lovers

Wedding planning is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. A phase of sharing, ideas and creativity in which one has to make important decisions to best represent one’s experience and dreams. First and foremost, the choice of time and day.
So, if you have decided to crown your dream of love, you are a romantic couple, but you are still undecided on the date, fear not, we at Wedding in Valdichiana are here for you, and we will give you 4 good reasons why getting married on February 14th could be a really great idea!

Curious to know more? Read below!

1) ROMANTICISM: 14 February is a symbolic date because it is Saint Valentine’s Day, known as the patron saint of lovers, so it’s the day on which, more than any other, Love is celebrated. By marrying on this day, therefore, you would not only give greater significance to your union, but you would spend the most romantic day of the year, crowning your dream.

2) THEME: if you are a true romantic and love themed weddings, you can’t help but choose Valentine’s Day as the date for your wedding. You can adapt your menu with love-themed food and beverages, and the same goes for the tableau mariage, but without overdoing it. For example, you could use the color red, roses and hearts sparingly and with refinement, in the details of the set-up. It will be enough to limit these details to sugared almonds, invitations and balloons, for a romantic and non-trivial wedding reception.

3) DRESS CODE: if you dream of a different colour and an extravagant style for your wedding dress, what better “excuse” than getting married on Valentine’s Day to wear it? Women might opt for a super elegant red sheath dress, while men for a more eclectic and original outfit. The same goes for the guests, giving them carte blanche on the dress code for the big day!

4) EXPERIENCES: the trend for 2023 mainly concerns extended celebrations, i.e. the organization of long weekends or even weeks, in specific destinations… and Tuscany is in the top places in the ranking of favourite destinations! So, it goes without saying that a magical time to plan them, especially in this Region, is Februrary and the close to Valentine’s Day!

Have you already drawn a heart on the date “February 14 2023”?

If the answer is YES, you just have to take a look at our wedding packages: complete or partial proposals for organising a dream wedding in Tuscany.

Winery wedding: an unusual location for a joy-filled ceremony

Are you a lover of life’s pleasures and out-of-the-ordinary experiences? Are you looking for an original location for your wedding day? Well then, we at Wedding in Valdichiana can’t help but propose to you a winery in our territory, the Valdichiana Senese, a land rich in precious vineyards and evocative
wineries! Here are 5 good reasons why you should choose it…

  1. LOVE AND WINE: if one of the passions that most unites your couple is that for wine, one of the many wineries in Valdichiana could be the ideal place to spend the most romantic and important day of your life. By doing so, you will unite your love with your passion for wine, saying your fateful
    yes and celebrating your union in the perfect setting of a beautiful Tuscan winery!
  2. SENSORY EXPERIENCE: choosing a winery as the location of your wedding also means living authentic experiences, thanks to the organization of real sensory tours: you will be able to taste a good glass of wine, smell its fragrance and learn its characteristics. You will also be able to wake up in the morning with a breakfast in the vineyard, have a snack with the winemaker and a cutting board of typical Valdichiana products and finally end the day with a Tuscan dinner in the vineyard.
  3. AUTHENTIC AND EVOCATIVE LOCATION: Tuscan wineries, in addition to being home to some of the most famous wine labels in the world, are truly original and striking places to hold your wedding party. The wineries will envelop the bride and groom and their guests in the special scents of must and wood from the barrels. The dimmed lights (because wine likes to rest in the twilight) will make the atmosphere even more evocative. Guests will be fascinated by the sommeliers’ stories and the carefully designed menu paired with the wines, which will turn the meal into a true experience.
  4. VARIETY OF STYLES: Tuscany has a large number and variety of wineries. There are older wine cellars with a stone architectural structure reminiscent of the time in which it was built, ideal for those with a more traditional taste, or the more recent ones, for the newlyweds who love modernity. Arrangements can be truly endless and, as a rule, will favor informality, such as vine branches and candles made from the bottoms of glass bottles.
  5. VERSATILITY OF SEASONS: the wine cellar is undoubtedly one of the most versatile wedding, adaptable to every season. It will certainly be perfect in fall and winter, as these periods coincide with the grape harvest and wine bottling, so it offers the chance to experience and breathe in the Tuscan wine traditions.

At this point all that remains is for you to choose from our wedding proposals, designed to give you the wedding of your dreams. Get inspired… And if you don’t find what you are looking for, we can customize our offers according to your wishes. Contact us!

The emotion of getting married in a garden of Valdichiana Senese

Getting married in a Garden: is there a more romantic location?Let’s find out together!

If you’re thinking about a wedding ceremony en plein air , whether only for the reception or also for the civil ceremony, the ideal location for you is certainly one of the marvellous gardens or parks of the Valdichiana Senese, in Tuscany. Especially in Valdichiana, in fact, there are so many of them!

Below you will find some useful hints to clarify your ideas.

1. Beauty and Nature
For couples imagining spending their big day outdoors, there is no more perfect and precious choice than a garden or park in Tuscany, surrounded by the sounds of animals, the colours of the countryside and the scents of flowers. The ‘wow’ effect is assured!

2. Romance and intimacy
Tuscan gardens or parks, from the simplest to those characterised by a more complex structure, have always been places of pure hedonism, to be shared with the person you love and, in the case of a wedding, with all your loved ones, isolated from the world, in absolute quiet. For this reason, if you are looking for an intimate and evocative location, the garden will be the perfect setting for your special day.

3. Simplicity and history
Tuscany is home to influential and historic families and famous artists, who have given our splendid region unique and unrepeatable places, rich in history and charm, that have become symbols of this territory: gardens are among these. Many gardens, in fact, originated as ornaments of the palaces, villas or castles of noble families, in which, through their architecture, the magnificence of the family to which
they belonged shone through. But there are many other gardens with simpler lines that tend to enhance nature as it is without resorting to human labour. Whether you have in mind a more elaborate location, or a simpler one, without sacrificing nature, the Gardens will provide the backdrop for an unforgettable ceremony!

4. The good season en plen air
If you dream of getting married in spring or summer, and you love the idea of doing it in the open air, you cannot but consider the Tuscan Garden as a wedding location. You will enjoy the climate, the long days and the beautiful sunsets.

5. Unique and unforgettable emotions
Spending an entire day, especially the wedding day, amidst the beauty of nature in a Tuscan garden will be like experiencing forgotten emotions and reliving that childlike carefreeness made up of simple gestures and spontaneous smiles. With the help of good weather you can organise wedding receptions, perhaps even in the evening to make the atmosphere more romantic and unforgettable!

However it goes, it will be beautiful!
Contact us now: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com or discover the other suggested locations in Valdichiana.

Choosing the perfect cadeau

Does planning the wedding favours for your guests cause you anxiety? We know, it’s a delicate choice because there are so many elements to consider! Don’t panic! In this article you will find some interesting tips and ideas to help you tackle this important task without making a mistake!

It must have happened to you too, to receive superfluous objects at some cerimonies and not knowing exactly what to do with them. Our mission is to guide you towards a conscious choice, that is as original, authentic and as useful as possible! For your wedding day to be truly unique, every detail must be taken care of to perfection, favours included!

Where to begin?

Let’s see specifically which steps to follow to plan this aspect of the wedding in an impeccable way, without leaving anything to chance.

  • The first step is to define the style of the cadeau so that it is consistent with the wedding theme, your personal taste and the meaning of your event. It doesn’t make sense to organise an ultra-glamorous, chic and refined wedding and give your guests DIY and rustic design items. Not to mention themed weddings, where the choice of favours is even more specific.
  • The second essential step is to find favours that are not only original and personalised, but also useful, as opposed to the usual classics that end up gathering dust at the bottom of a forgotten drawer. It could be food and wine gifts (such as jars of jam, honey, wine, liqueurs) or a beautiful plant. Valuable handcrafted creations (for example jewels) or simple but useful furnishing objects (such as soap bars, scented candles, small ceramic vases) in short, something destined to remain over time while being functional in everyday life. Alternatively, you can opt for solidarity souvenirs or donations to specific charities.
  • The third step is to think about the message you want to leave to your guests. Whatever your choice, always try to give it some relevance, accompanying the cadeau with a message that explains its actual essence. Only in this way will you avoid falling into the classic cliché of the superfluous object, fully enhancing your idea.
  • It is essential to establish a budget to devote to wedding favors, so as not to waste time when choosing, as is done, for example, to buy the wedding dress.
  • No less important is the timing of the purchase of wedding favors, which we at Wedding in Valdichiana recommend at least five months before the wedding, in order not to incur in unforeseen events such as delays on the part of the supplier, especially if the choice fell on handicrafts or if you need some time to finish customize them personally.
  • Not to be underestimated is the setting up of the table that will host your wedding favors. It is advisable to make it visible enough, to deliver them easily or to give the guests the possibility to take them independently. Remember to decorate the table according to the style of the event and enrich it with sugared almonds, which can be arranged in maxi containers or attached to each cadeau.
  • Finally, do not forget to deliver the cadeau in person even to those who were unable to attend the event, as a sign of thanks.

While you are thinking about which wedding favor to pick, send us an email to receive further ideas: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com.

It’s the details that (really) make a difference to a wedding

“It’s always the details that make the difference”, and this is not just a saying, but the plain truth, especially when it comes to organising a wedding.

Organising a dream wedding necessarily requires a team of professionals who are able to support the couple in every choice and fulfill their every request, so that the wedding day will be exactly like the bride and groom have always dreamed of!

Wedding in Valdichiana’s customised packages include complete or partial proposals for the organisation, of your super event in Tuscany.
Our 20 years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism sector will be a guarantee for you and your guests!

The steps to follow to plan the big day impeccably, leaving nothing to chance

  • Once the location has been chosen, it is important to focus your attention on the colours, theme and style you want to use for the entire ceremony, starting from the invitations, to the dresses, all the way to the event set-up, since, if chosen carefully and meticulously, they will provide added value to the selected location and the entire event.
  • Then we move on to the accessories: in a wedding with a capital M, the latter are not mere decorative objects or details, but are a fundamental part of the reception and ceremony, and, precisely for this reason, they must be chosen in line with the style of the bride and groom and the location, so as to make the entire setting pleasant and elegant. By ‘accessories’ we refer to the study and selection of all the furniture, to the mise en place (i.e. the complete table setting), to the gifts for the guests and, finally, to the lighting set-up.

In the case of a wedding in Valdichiana, it is advisable to opt for simple but refined colours and accessories, in rustic-chic style!
Everything must appear harmonious and faithful to the context in which the big day will take place, namely the natural wonders of Tuscany.

Discover the emotion of organising your wedding in an earthly paradise, together with those who live it every day: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com.

Choosing a wedding theme

A way to make your special day more original

Organising the most important event of your life as a couple will certainly give you unique and unforgettable emotions, but it could also be a source of stress.
In order to live every moment of this preparation with serenity, we at Wedding in Valdichiana offer our creativity and professionalism, assisting you step by step in every stylistic choice and supporting you in every moment of planning the event, to ensure that the big day is all about happiness, sharing and lots of joy.

Today we are going to talk to you about a way to make your wedding as original as possible, namely to choose a theme to act as a common thread, so that the whole setting is harmonious and coherent.

Each married couple has their own identity, own style, own story to tell, and choosing a theme that is faithful to all of this serves to make every moment more memorable and shareable with your guests. Not only this, but It also makes organisation simpler and more straightforward.

If a theme is chosen for the wedding, it must be reflected in every point and detail of the organisation: from the invitations, to the location, to the bride and groom’s and bridesmaids’ dresses, to the choice of flowers and decorations

Some advice to select the theme

In the event that you like the idea of choosing a theme for your wedding, but still do not know which one is the most suitable for you, we are here to offer you our help, anticipating below some steps to start from, so that a precise identification with a style, an object, a passion emerges:

  • One or more colours
  • A historical era (also referring to a clothing style of that time)
  • A place of the heart
  • A shared passion (travel, music, food, art, a sport, etc.) and for the more extravagant even a film or TV series

All this information is valuable and contains the answer to your question! What are you waiting for? Get yourself a pen and paper and start answering these simple questions…
Then, if you want, you can move on to find a series of images representative of your tastes, which you will need to get an overview of the design and scenography of your wedding.

To share your ideas, send us an email at: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

Why get married in Tuscany in the summer

Here’s why Tuscany is the perfect destination to get married in the summertime

The first thing to decide for a couple wishing to get married is the period in which to do it, as well as the season they prefer. In the case of a wedding in Tuscany, every season is perfect for doing it, because Tuscany is considered an ‘always green’ region, that is splendid throughout the year, but given the imminent arrival of the summer season, we at Wedding in Valdichiana want to provide you with a series of reasons why getting married in Tuscany in the summer is a really good idea!

Here are some of them:

  • THE CLIMATE: the summer climate in Tuscany is perfect for weddings and outdoor celebrations, especially those in the afternoon, as the weather is always clear, the temperature is never too sultry and the arrival of sunset is accompanied by a pleasant breeze, as well as being a moment of pure magic
  • THE LONGEST DAYS: in summer, the days get longer which is a real added value for those who want to organise a wedding during this time of year, because with sunset and darkness arriving later than usual, the bride and groom will be able to fully enjoy every moment of their most beautiful day…because, you know, no one would ever want their wedding day to end
  • THE PHOTOS: Tuscany has always been considered one of the most beautiful locations in the world, especially in summer! Photographers from all over the planet often choose this area to carry out photo shoots and video recordings of their projects, whether fashion, art, design or weddings! Natural light, intense colours and authentic marvels will be the perfect set for your dream wedding photos!
  • COLOURS: in summer, Tuscany, and especially the Valdichiana, become palettes of breathtaking colours, envied by painters the world over: the deep green of the wheat fields, the bright red of the poppies, the soft blue of the sky and the bright yellow of the sunflowers…is there a better location and time of year to organise your wedding day?
  • ROMANTICISM: summer evenings in the Valdichiana represent the height of romanticism, because they are characterised by sparkling stars and moonlight, optimal temperatures, intoxicating perfumes and relaxing sounds such as the singing of cicadas

Have we convinced you? If the answer is YES, contact us to request an initial quote: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

Photo credits – Dario Pichini Studio

3D Locations: choose the ideal place for your wedding from the exclusive virtual locations of Wedding in Valdichiana.

Evaluating and selecting in advance and comfortably from home, the location in which to realise your dream of love, has become possible!
Find out how by reading our article.

When a couple decides to get married, they feel an indescribable emotion, an emotion they will feel throughout the wedding preparations, from the first moment to the last.
Usually, one of the first choices a married couple has to make is the location, the starting
point for any self-respecting organisation list.

The choice of the perfect location for the most beautiful “YES” in life is a fundamental element, as mentioned above, if not the most important one.
For this reason, at Wedding in Valdichiana, we offer all our skills and knowledge of the area to meet the needs of all our clients, whether they are dreaming of an intimate and private ceremony or want a big party.

Getting married in Valdichiana

Choosing the Valdichiana as the location for your event means choosing a concentration of “beauty”, with the certainty of a great final result. An authentic area where you can find happiness in the various moments of the most beautiful day: the celebration, the reception, but also the many experiences to be had as a couple and with guests, before, during and after the celebrations.

For the past 20 years, our collaboration with local administrations and accommodation facilities, including lesser-known ones, which offer a quality welcome, has enabled us to offer both public and private locations that are among the most exclusive and original in this area.

However, given the complexity of the event and in order to avoid this wonderful adventure turning into an odyssey, we advise you first of all to imagine the location that suits you and its set-up, so that the result can be as close as possible to your tastes and style.

For example, do you dream of saying “YES” inside a mysterious and magical medieval fortress or on the shores of a natural lake? In the council chamber of a town hall or in a relaxing and exclusive spa? On the soft grass of a park or on a breathtaking terrace?

We know! It’s really hard to imagine every single proposal and then choose the most suitable one, especially for those who don’t know the Valdichiana Senese area at all.
That’s why we at Wedding in Valdichiana have decided to put at your disposal, and just a click away, the 3D virtual reality service to see in advance, and comfortably from your PC, some of our most exclusive locations in the municipalities of Cetona, Chianciano Terme, Chiusi, Montepulciano, San Casciano dei Bagni, Sarteano, Sinalunga, Torrita di Siena and Trequanda.

Which is your favourite?

These are municipalities in the Valdichiana with an easy-to-access location, so that your guests can reach them without hindrance and by all possible means of transport. What’s more, they are truly original, fascinating places, rich in history, compared to the dozens and dozens of weddings your guests have already attended. But that’s not all! Here, your loved ones and friends can enjoy unique experiences of
fun, good food and wine.

Now it’s your turn!
Immerse yourself in the magical 3D locations of Wedding In Valdichiana by clicking on
this link and be inspired by our team of professionals: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

We introduce you Wedding in Valdichiana Special Packages!

A special organisation for a special wedding! Here are the special Wedding In Valdichiana package

Getting married in Valdichiana means relying on those who really know the area. It means choosing between different offers and solutions to organise an unforgettable wedding in Tuscany.

Organising a wedding is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life; a phase of sharing ideas and creativity in which you find yourself having to make important decisions to best represent your experience and your dreams. Many do it independently by following every detail of the organisation of the event, while other couples rely on professionals capable of guiding them in aesthetic and logistical choices as close as possible to their spirit.

That’s why Wedding in Valdichiana offers various wedding packages, complete or partial proposals for organising a dream one in Tuscany. We take care of the complete organisation of your event, with attention to every detail for you
and your guests. Much more than an event, choosing the Wedding in Valdichiana special package means giving you and your loved ones a real celebratory journey, an indelible moment of life and of others. Let’s find out together!

Unforgettable days for you and your guests

The Wedding in Valdichiana special package is ideal for couples who wish to celebrate their love in the real Tuscany and experience the area with special experiences, to discover the wonderful Tuscan countryside together with friends and relatives.

Wedding in Valdichiana will put you in touch with the best local wedding planners who will guide you in choosing every detail of your special day. Together you will choose locations from a wide selection of suggestive places and settings, floral decorations, dresses, and receive the best suggestions for proposing a seasonal menu with typical local products.

There will also be suggestions on clothes, colors and jewels, and we’ll put you in contact with the artisans who still today make unique handmade pieces in the shops of the villages today.

Wedding in Valdichiana’s twenty years of experience in hospitality and tourism sector will also be a warranty for your guests. We will find the ideal accommodation for your loved ones and organise the best experiences to introduce them to this wonderful slice of Tuscany.

What do you think of a toast in a design cellar among the rolling hills of Montepulciano while waiting for the big day? Or a Tuscan cooking class to learn the best local recipes with a dinner all together? Or what about a bike tour between Valdichiana Senese and Val d’Orcia with friends, to release the adrenaline before the wedding, or a private yoga lesson on the shores of Lake Chiusi to relax before the event? And these are just a few ideas!

Let’s have a look at the services included in this special package:

  • Personal wedding planner who will accompany you in everything related to the event;
  • Complete organisation of the wedding: choice of the most suitable location (you can take a look here!), floral decorations, table and set-up, menus, settings, dresses, jewelry, accessories for the ceremony;
  • Organisation for guests stay in dedicated facilities;
  • On-site organisation of the bachelor/bachelorette party with guests;
  • Welcome dinner/lunch for guests;
  • Organisation of experiences for your guests: Vespa tours, trekking among the most beautiful paths in Tuscany, padel match, horseback riding among Tuscan hills, yoga in suggestive locations, pampering at the spa and, of course, gourmet tastings. Discover them all here!

What are you waiting for? Request a first quote for your Special Package by sending an email to: hello@weddingvaldichiana.com.

We can’t wait to organise your dream wedding!

Bachelorette and bachelor party

A wedding in Tuscany, as we know, brings with it parties, joys, unique emotions and sensations that only this fantastic land can give. Everything will be perfect for the fateful day thanks to the organization of the smallest details, to have the best of the best in that magical moment. Prior to the big event, however, there is another party that deserves our attention today: the bachelorette or bachelor party! To prepare for the “yes” day, there is nothing better than celebrating with loved ones, friends or relatives, and you can do it right in Tuscany, in Valdichiana Senese!

Emotions and experiences before the “Yes”

The beauty of a bachelorette or bachelor party is to allow everyone to have fun in company and enjoy the last moments before the fateful event we all wait for a lifetime. Valdichiana Senese, among its Tuscan beauties, offers an infinite series of activities for everyone: from sports to relaxation and wellness, from gourmet tastings to first-rate wines with breathtaking views and beautiful hills in the background. Find out with us which experiences are the best to get the best of your day!

Around the hills: vespa, quad and trekking

The Tuscan roads of Valdichiana Senese are among the most beautiful in the world: every curve hides a breathtaking view, every climb precedes the view of a splendid valley and every road is surrounded by nature. These areas are perfect for riding a vintage or brand new vespa and enjoying the scenery. For those who prefer a bit of action, however, quads are available for cruising far and wide through the Tuscan lands. These experiences are perfect for those who want to release the tension before the fateful day! If, on the other hand, you love walking amongst  nature at a moderate pace, then a nice trek with friends is the one experience for you: a long and stimulating walk immersed in the nature of Tuscany to admire its beauties … just slowly!

Sport and wellness: between padel, horse riding and yoga

Unique experiences available to anyone who wants to spend their bachelorette/ bachelor party together with friends. For the more sporty among you, we have thought of a day dedicated to padel, the sport of the moment. You can play with everyone and have fun on a court reserved exclusively for you, with rackets and balls included. If, on the other hand, you want to immerse yourself in nature and admire its beauties, you can simply go horseback riding among the Tuscan hills of Valdichiana Senese and observe these lands from a decidedly fascinating point of view. Speaking of points of view, have you ever thought of practicing yoga by a lake, immersed in the Tuscan hills? For your bachelorette/bachelor party, it is possible to organize a relaxing yoga session on the shores of a lake in Valdichiana Senese, to rediscover spiritual wellness and inner peace.

Pampering with the flavor of wine and thermal waters

As everyone knows, Tuscany is a land of wine and offers its visitors glasses of fine products, famous all over the world for their authentic and distinctive flavor. And a good glass of wine from these lands, home of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, certainly cannot be missing. What if we tell you that with glasses of wine you could also dedicate yourself to a relaxing thermal bath? If you want to relax before the big event, this is the one for you: massages, dedicated therapies and thermal waters from natural sources to pamper you and restore your inner balance and energy.

These are among the best experiences you can have in Valdichiana Senese before your wedding, you can also ask us directly to organize your bachelorette/bachelor party with the activities of your choice, following your times and your Tuscan stay.

Write us for more info, we are ready to prepare your dreams and your events!

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