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This is why Valdichiana Senese (Tuscany) is the ideal destination for Valentine’s Day

A few simple characteristics that make Valdichiana Senese, in Tuscany, the place to visit this Valentine’s Day and during the rest of the year

Valentine’s day is always a good reason to set out to discover new places and explore in the company of the person with whom we prefer to spend our time. If large cities like Venice or Paris are the first places you think of for a couple’s getaway, hamlets also have their qualities. Indeed, visiting less crowded places allows you to create an atmosphere of authentic intimacy, which is not easy to find in a large urban centre.

Let’s find out why the Valdichiana Senese area, in Southern Tuscany, has all it takes to be included among the most romantic destinations, to absolutely visit together with your partner:

Walks to discover the local hamlets, where you’ll enjoy landscapes of singular beauty

The nine hamlets of Valdichiana Senese are treasure chests of pure beauty, which preserve true artistic and architectural gems. Without a doubt, however, the most romantic places hidden in the hamlets of this area are the panoramic terraces, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. In the month of February, at sunset, the skies are tinged with shades of pink that promise spring: a sight that, who knows, could even inspire a marriage proposal!

The warm embrace of the thermal waters

One of the main characteristics of this corner of Tuscany is the presence of numerous thermal springs. In San Casciano dei Bagni, the Infinity pools of the exclusive Fonteverde SPA offer a privileged view of the surrounding hilly landscape, a perfect combination of the beauty of the Valdichiana Senese and Valdorcia. In Chianciano Terme, the spa activities to do as a couple are divided between the emotional itineraries offered by the Sensory Spa and the regenerating baths at the Theia pools. At the Terme di Montepulciano, relaxation involves treatments dedicated to body care, health and beauty, which provide precious moments of intimacy.

Looking for dreamlike wedding locations?

February and winter are the perfect season for aspiring newlyweds who are looking for the perfect setting for their special day. In these months it is possible to visit the Valdichiana Senese area in total tranquility; thanks to the decrease in presences in the area, the treasure hunt for your wedding location will be much easier. Monumental cellars, historic buildings, castles, in addition to the timeless farmhouses in the Tuscan countryside, will open their doors for your on-site inspections.

We’re waiting for you in Valdichiana Senese, let’s start planning together your dream wedding! Write us: hello@weddinginvaldichiana.com

Getting married on Valentine’s Day: living your fairytale on the day of lovers

Wedding planning is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. A phase of sharing, ideas and creativity in which one has to make important decisions to best represent one’s experience and dreams. First and foremost, the choice of time and day.
So, if you have decided to crown your dream of love, you are a romantic couple, but you are still undecided on the date, fear not, we at Wedding in Valdichiana are here for you, and we will give you 4 good reasons why getting married on February 14th could be a really great idea!

Curious to know more? Read below!

1) ROMANTICISM: 14 February is a symbolic date because it is Saint Valentine’s Day, known as the patron saint of lovers, so it’s the day on which, more than any other, Love is celebrated. By marrying on this day, therefore, you would not only give greater significance to your union, but you would spend the most romantic day of the year, crowning your dream.

2) THEME: if you are a true romantic and love themed weddings, you can’t help but choose Valentine’s Day as the date for your wedding. You can adapt your menu with love-themed food and beverages, and the same goes for the tableau mariage, but without overdoing it. For example, you could use the color red, roses and hearts sparingly and with refinement, in the details of the set-up. It will be enough to limit these details to sugared almonds, invitations and balloons, for a romantic and non-trivial wedding reception.

3) DRESS CODE: if you dream of a different colour and an extravagant style for your wedding dress, what better “excuse” than getting married on Valentine’s Day to wear it? Women might opt for a super elegant red sheath dress, while men for a more eclectic and original outfit. The same goes for the guests, giving them carte blanche on the dress code for the big day!

4) EXPERIENCES: the trend for 2023 mainly concerns extended celebrations, i.e. the organization of long weekends or even weeks, in specific destinations… and Tuscany is in the top places in the ranking of favourite destinations! So, it goes without saying that a magical time to plan them, especially in this Region, is Februrary and the close to Valentine’s Day!

Have you already drawn a heart on the date “February 14 2023”?

If the answer is YES, you just have to take a look at our wedding packages: complete or partial proposals for organising a dream wedding in Tuscany.

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